Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is habit forming and could lead to a lifetime of excellent adventures so proceed with caution.  Make the most of your time by using your most important tool -your brain!

Fly fishing skills are not difficult or hard.  I am pretty sure that anyone can do the mechanics of casting, and delivering a fly to a target.  Yet it is not for everyone.  You have to have a passion for it just like anything else.  That too will come the more you get involved with it.

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Fly Tying

When asked, "What is the best fly to use?", I usually reply, "The one that the fish takes".  But the better answer is, "The one that you tied"!

If you find fly fishing a satisfying pursuit you will also find that nothing is better than catching a fish on a fly that you tied.  It makes you a complete angler.

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Thinking independently in hard.  I felt so strongly this way that I named the business around it.  There is no doubt that wisdom will shorten any learning curve and wisdom comes through a lot of practice and learning from the experience.

I love the saying 'The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step' (I use it a lot).  Let me help you whether you are at mile 750 or taking the first one.

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Be Your Best - Fish Your Best

At Independent Angler I am committed to helping you become a better fly fisher and maintain your continued success.

I develop many of my own products and brands and partner with like minded businesses that share the same independent spirit.

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